I love how mainstream culture does this. Mockery and denigration are ALWAYS the first steps in cultural appropriation. It happens with everything Black people do. EVERYTHING. I’m not making this up. EVERYTHING. Creation of fresh, unique thing by Black folks —> Mockery of thing by White mainstream —> Limited appreciation by select White mainstream —> Open (but still limited) appreciation of said thing by White mainstream —> Open acclaim of White practicioners of said thing —> Open appreciation of said thing by Blacks and cultural acknowledgment of said thing’s creative roots —> Lauded “universality” of said thing.


Her tweet response to the ridiculous story that Fox News did on the phrase ”a ratchet,” which @LouisatheLast pointed out as them using “ratchet” as a noun, when it is primarily used as an adjective in AAVE.

I think they did this wrong on purpose. When Whites are in the mocking phase of cultural appropriation, it’s important to make mistakes as to reveal “distance” from said disdained thing. Accuracy doesn’t matter until much later in the cycle. And…it is a CYCLE.  

(via gradientlair)